Inform The Customer About Leasing Options

We suggest that when you initially begin the sales process with your customers you let them know that leasing is available. Often customer won't even think that they can lease your software. Letting them know about leasing upfront may either eliminate certain budgetary restrictions, reduce the approval sign off process, or overcome a price objection that may not be stated.

Give the Customer a Monthly Payment Option

Although we provide many leasing options, we suggest using a standard 36-month lease as an example. This will give your customer a rough estimate of what a monthly payment could be. Your customer can then compare the difference between paying the cost of your license, maintenance, training, etc. upfront or spreading those costs over time.  Check out our Quote Application to give other monthly options.

Get a Lease Quote and Credit Approval

If the customer wants to move forward, call either 610.687.4434 or Mark Bazrod at 610.341.6100. We will give you a lease quote and credit approval within two hours, often with firm credit approval, but at times subject to review of customer financial statements. Most times that quote can be e-mailed or faxed to you in less than one hour. If the customer is a "Fortune 500" or other investment grade company, we will approve the credit on the phone. For companies that are not as substantial, it will usually take less than a day to get formal approval of the customer's credit.


Once we have approved the credit and the customer is satisfied with the lease payment, we will prepare all the documents and immediately send them to your customer by e-mail or overnight mail. Also, upon confirmation by the customer that they want your software and want to lease from LPI, we can issue our purchase order to you.

Negotiate Lease Documents

You do not have to worry, you do not have to understand everything about our lease documents. LPI will negotiate our lease documentation with your customer. We are happy to report that rarely have we received any serious questions about our lease documents. We are very flexible in negotiating these documents and we have always been able to agree with the customer because our documents are fair and reasonable. We have never held up a sale or failed to close a sale because of lease documentation.

Fund the Deal

Upon receiving the signed documents and the customer receiving the software, we will pay you and begin billing the customer.

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